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This is a place for picking up positive energy, set your sights on a bright future, and achieve your life goals. It is for brave souls, those prepared to enjoy and live their lives with respect, passion and love. When you feel the freedom that your life is yours, and you are the only one who can control it, then you will have no limits on what you can achieve!


Unlike others in the mentoring and coaching space, I’m coming to you with a track record: my work over three decades at Panos Emporio, building it from scratch into one of Scandinavia’s most talked-about and respected swimwear labels. And over the years, I’ve helped countless others who say I have inspired them to reach for their goals.


If you want to be connected emotionally as well as financially, you have come to the right place. Let us achieve your goals together!


From poverty, where his parents worked in a foundry, to a life filled with glamour, royalty and Hollywood stars, Panos Papadopoulos has never had a quiet moment. Here he tells his story in vivid style, from his proud roots in Greece, working as a guard in one of Sweden’s toughest prisons, to creating one of the most famous fashion labels in Scandinavia, as well as chairing a football team, making a beauty pageant pro-women, high drama being detained in Lebanon and run-ins with the mafia! He’s joined by a supporting cast that includes Victoria Silvstedt, Whitney Houston, Jamie Foxx, Alice Cooper and the King of Sweden, and recounts his special friendship with Hermès chairman Jean-Louis Dumas. He mixes his story with hard-learned business lessons, how he pushed boundaries, and what drives his success. Find out how Panos did it, and how you, too, can go beyond your own limits

Panos new book “My Life, My odyssey” available at selected stores:

The Bite Magazine Book Review

Jada Brookes reads Panos Papadopoulos’ long-awaited autobiography Panos: My Life, My Odyssey, which speaks about his childhood, business model and life experiences.

3 – 1 = 0 // I’ve always based my principles on respect, passion, love. Take away any one and the result is nothing.

— Panos Papadopoulos


I’ve seen so many pages about mentoring and coaching but they seem to appeal to the same people, with get-rich-quick schemes and nothing beyond their own hype. But if you’re here, you know my track record. And it isn’t the only venture, as my input has helped everything from football clubs to international business people. That’s my proof of concept.


I can mentor you to the next stage and navigate these uncertain times, realizing your full potential, whether you are starting out, already in the industry, or part of a group. You might even qualify for free sessions with me. Read on! The future is ours!


You’re at the start of your career, and you’re not sure what’s next. Or you’ve reached a crossroads in your studies, or even in your life. Or you have a great idea that you know could take you places. But how do you take that next leap of faith?

We all need inspiration and guidance, and I can do just that. I firmly believe people should live their lives with respect, passion and love. And I believe this should be available to everyone, not just those with deep pockets, but those who believe they can be connected emotionally.

Let me help and be that person who can make your next step come true, with two free 30-minute sessions for students and young people under 25. Places are limited, so sign up now!


Maybe you’re a company that has a great product but doesn’t seem to be able to get it noticed? Are you not hitting the sweet spot with your pricing and promotion? Are your team and suppliers not motivated enough?

I can help you demand the best and get better results, techniques that I’ve used in over 30 years of business that have made me a success. I can unlock your potential and get you out of the thinking that might be holding you back—so you can make some real money from what you do.


These are challenging times. Are you a leader, a managing director, someone in business, an artist, a football player—someone who has already started on your career path but find yourself losing your inspiration? Or you’re finding it difficult to juggle your work and home lives?

I’ve been blessed with a creative spirit that drove my business success, and on select projects—be they in politics, the arts, sports, the corporate world, or even schools—I’ll make myself available to you as a mentor. Let me work with you and find that passion inside you, to put you back on the right direction so you’re excited about everything life can bring you again.


A government policy that has reached a crossroads? A football team that doesn’t seem to have a winning spirit? Or a class at a school or university that wishes to uncover not just what’s out there now, but what’s possible a decade or a generation from now?

This is the level I have always considered as an international business person: just what can make humanity move forward?

I’d like to be there for you, to enlighten you—and how those three values of respect, passion and love can apply in all human endeavours.

Success is an idea. The rest is just work.

— Panos Papadopoulos


Spice up your corporate event, seminar, conference, or inspiration days with a booking that’s out of the ordinary.

In my inspirational talks, I take you on my personal odyssey, and how I built a fashion empire from nothing except an idea and plenty of hard work. Take part in my fast-paced journey, lined with obstacles and adversity, and how they are overcome by sheer willpower, patience and perseverance.

It’s an inspiring story about courage, timing, and an inexhaustible creativity.



We all have a dream—shouldn’t we be allowed to achieve it?

This is what House of Panos aims to unlock, with my personal guidance. I believe you do deserve to realize your dream.

It takes a creative mind, grounded in business sense gained over four decades of hard work, that can free you, and help find your true place.

That place blends emotion and purpose. You have to feel fulfilled at a deeper level, by fuelling your spirit—the original meaning of the word psyche. By addressing a need, you create a desired purpose. In Greek, proorismós can be defined as both purpose and destiny—understanding this can help you find your most authentic way forward.

Your lives are yours, and you are in control—and you can get to a space where there are no limits on what you can achieve.


My purpose:

Over the years I’ve been asked to look at everything from businesses to a football team, and I have a gift in identifying what holds people back. Sometimes it’s apparent quickly; other times it requires personality tests to uncover the dynamic within. With House of Panos, it’s now my goal to make everyone achieve their potential and share the lessons that I’ve learned. We can make our world better and more certain.


House of Panos isn’t just any incubator. I seek to bring together talents from across the world. At our new location, with the brightest and most connected individuals all working on projects that reshape their disciplines, we can realize world-changing synergies. Here, you can collaborate, and with my network of thought leaders globally, I can help guide you to success.


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